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Whitestone Audio P331 EVL

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So what are the differences to the P331 ?

Well let’s start with what’s the same. Like the original P331, the EVL version utilizes digitally controlled analog for all controls. Left/Right coherence is every bit as precise. The fully-differential solid-state output amplifier is unchanged. The LIFT circuit is also identical in both units, however, since the lifted frequencies are affected by the harmonics generated by the LOADING section…LIFT on the EVL will not sound exactly the same as the original P331.

The fully-differential tube LOADING amplifier in the EVL starts from a much different point. While the LOADING control is functionally the same as the original P331 in that it controls the 6SN7 tube’s operating point, it’s being pushed much harder from the start. It’s not like a distorted guitar amp…it’s still “mastering appropriate”. It’s simply a different, more forward “feel” than the original P331.

The XFORMER section is where the most differentiation occurs. We’re driving WAY more current at the transformers …forcing them much further into saturation. The result is a more pronounced low-end presence, thrust and punch without becoming stuffy or losing clarity.