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Pulse Techniques is pleased to offer the EQP-500X 500-series equalizer, the next generation of our API 2520 gain stage passive equalizers.

In the early 1970s, after condensing the classic 3U model EQP-1A into the 2U form-factor model EQP-1A3, Pulse introduced a solid-state line amp version of the EQP-1A3. These units have exactly the same front end (input transformer and passive EQ section) but utilize a solid-state opamp (genuine API 2520) gain stage driving a Triad output transformer. Many users of this version of the Pultec describe them as “more punchy” and having “a tighter low end” than the tube version. Pulse has taken this proven design to the next stage by packing them into the 500-series form factor as the EQP-500X module. These may come in a smaller package, but don’t be fooled! These EQs deliver all of the punch, mojo and sonic impact of their full-sized counterparts.