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Overstayer Audio

Stereo Voltage Control

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The Overstayer Stereo

Voltage Control combines the gain control and punch of VCA gain cells, the warmth and character of our discrete analog Harmonics circuitry, and the sculpting power of an ultra-smooth 2-band shelving EQ. The SVC has dynamics control from fast peak limiting to smooth RMS compression, with multiple starting ratios and a Behavior control to create new and unique envelopes. Use the LEVEL control to drive into Harmonics to further bend transient peaks, adding musical harmonic color and cohesiveness as well as increasing apparent volume. The EQ and filters allow you to shape and drive as much low warmth or smooth top presence as desired. Each of its multiple stages can add its character and harmonics, cumulatively transforming the signal in a way not normally possible within a single device.

The integrated blend control allows even aggressive settings to be balanced tastefully. You can further create custom compression shaping by using the sidechain high-pass filter for low end response, or even further by using the external sidechain insert.


  • Highly interactive stereo dynamics, tone, and harmonics control

  • Controllable dynamics from fast peak limiting to smooth RMS compression

  • VCA gain cell configured to be driven and impart its own harmonic coloration

  • Wide ranging timing controls combine with behavior for extreme transient and sustain shaping

  • Dial in presence and restore high end with the stereo high shelf EQ

  • Interactive low end control with the integrated sidechain filter, low shelf EQ, and 50 Hz low cut filter with resonance peak

  • 10 segment LED Gain Reduction meter

  • Universal power supply included with 5 pin XLR connector and US IEC cable