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Overstayer Audio

Modular Channel Stereo Model 8755DM

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Modular Channel Stereo Model8755DM

The 8755D is a stereo channel with filters, eq, compression, and harmonics stages throughout, with sophisticated routing and a series/parallel mixer matrix. High quality components and circuitry are used throughout. Though the unit can get extreme, the design aesthetic is that of a console in that it is capable of handling and maintaining the fidelity of a full mix through the unit.
The Modular Channel, and analog gear in general have a bit of chaos in them, which is why we love them and build them! Being a stereo unit, we trim for better than 1dB matching through a wide range of settings, but deviations are inevitable in certain circumstances (high filter resonance for instance). Generally these are more apparent visually on a meter than audibly.
The Modular Channel is as much an instrument as a classic channel. It has several gain stages that are collectively capable of massive amounts of gain. High and low frequency instability and noise are possible especially at high gain settings, so be aware to keep headphone and speaker levels in check at all times.


  • Stereo signal path
  • Balanced line inputs and outputs, high impedance unbalanced instrument inputs
  • Wide ranging high and low pass filters that resonate to full oscillation
  • EQ featuring high and low shelves with 3 frequencies each and a fully sweepable proportional Q mid range band
  • VCA compressor with peak and RMS detectors, 3 position attack and release controls, BEHAVIOR control, sidechain high pass filter, and external sidechain input
  • Independent harmonics stages, engage-able in any combination
  • Mixer matrix with DRY/EQ, COMPRESSOR, and full wet path SATURATED faders with mute switches allow for series and parallel routing and composited mixing