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In 1993, Cliff Maag

first introduced the AIR BAND to the audio world in the NTI EQ3. The EQ3 was a dual channel 6-band EQ powered in a 19 inch rack and to this day is hailed as one of the most musical equalizers ever made. Over two decades later, Maag Audio is Back in Rack! Introducing the Maag Audio EQ4M, a 6-band Dual Channel Mastering EQ.

More Power The EQ4M rides on extremely clean +-18v rails without the need of any supporting chassis or power source. Just plug it in and make music.

More Headroom More power, means more headroom. The EQ4M's extra 3v power boosts headroom to +29 dBu.

More Control The EQ4M offers more control with its true in/out bypass, a very transparent INPUT ATTN (attenuator), and an extra 15 kHz selection on the AIR BAND. 

All controls are stepped (detented). The frequency bands are the same as the EQ4-500 with the exception of the extra 15kHz for the AIR BAND.