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5 Band, Fully Parametric Equalizer

In technical

The iQ505 is a fully parametric equalizer extremely squished into the 500-series module. This device is a 5 band EQ with overlapping bands and 12 dB boost or cut. The equalization range is extremely wide, starting from the sub-bass, up to 24kHz which usually is called the Air. Every band is equipped with the Q knob which is responsible for the quality of each filter. It is an analog piece of gear with electronically balanced inputs and outputs with modern THAT chips. Together it gives a small and powerful device useful in any studio application.

The sound

The IGS iQ505 is definitely one of the cleanest sounding equalizers that we offer. While we wouldn't say that it has as much character as some of the other, warmer sounding EQs that we've offered, it cannot be compared when it comes to clarity and transparency. The iQ505 is absolutely the perfect equalizer to use for all sorts of applications, and especially for notching and carving in very specific places.

The smooth and transparent sound for fixing things, but also for sculpting your sound.