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Flock Audio

Flock Audio Patch XT

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Flock Audio Patch XT


Everything great about PATCH... Expanded

Your Analogue Console Has A New Friend
Flock Audio introduces the worlds most advanced 192 point (expandable) digitally controlled, 100% analogue audio patchbay routing system for the pro audio industry. The Flock Audio PATCH system is solely controlled by the PATCH APP (included) which allows complex routings in literally seconds. Create, Store & Recall routings from sessions while powering your condenser microphones from the on-board 96 channels of 48V Phantom Power built right into the system. Advanced Multing capabilities for parallel processing among other features never before seen in a traditional patchbay set the Flock Audio PATCH a part from anything else in the pro audio industry.


  • 192 Point Connections (96 Inputs / 96 Outputs)
  • DB-25/D-SUB Tascam Standard Pinout Format Connectors
  • 96 Independent Channels of 48V Phantom Power
  • Front Panel - 2 Combo TRS/XLR Input & 2 XLR Output
  • PATCH APP Routing Software (OSX & Windows) (iOS iPad Coming Soon)
  • Create, Store & Recall Routings in Seconds
  • Create Complex Multing Combinations w/ No Impedance Issues
  • No AD/DA Conversion, 100% Transparent Analog Signal Path
  • Patented Flock Audio Matrix Technology
  • Multiple Unit Expansion with any PATCH Model (PATCH, LT & XT)
  • Internal Power Supply w/ IEC Cable Included
  • 10 Ft. - USB 2.0 (USB-A to USB-B) - Cable Included
  • CAT5 Network (Optional Control) Capability
  • Unit Dimensions: 3U - 5.25”(H) x 19” (L) x 12” (D) - 35 lbs 
No patch cables required
Say Goodbye to expensive patch cables & the "rats nest"of cables that buries your rack gear with complicated routings.
96 channels of onboard 48V
96 Channels capable of individually engaging 48V Phantom Power built right into the Patch System.
Completely software driven
The first ever Analog Patchbay to be completely controlled with the PATCH Application. (OSX & Windows Compatible)
Create, store and recall routings
Create & Store routings for easy recall revisions on an existing track or to prepare for your next session.
Advanced signal multing capabilities
Create custom signal chains and limitless multing paths for unprecedented audio results.
Set up complex routings in seconds
Create and setup complicated routings in seconds. No delay here, just focus on your passion for creating art.
Safeguard notifications
There will never be another day where a mistaken patch routing ruins the perfect take or worse yet... your expensive analog hardware.
Front panel I/O combo jacks
Need to test that new preamp or compressor but don't really want to crawl under your desk? Yeah...neither do we, nor should you ever have to. (48V Phantom Power Capable)
DB25 connections - 192 point I/O
96 Inputs & 96 Outputs come stock in each Patch System. But wait... you need more I/O? No worries, The Patch System is expandable!
Software and firmware updates
Just because its new technology doesn't mean it will be out of date in 2 years. Software & Firmware updates right from Flock Audio.