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Dangerous Music


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This bundle serves as an all-in-one production environment of the highest level. The extreme quality of the Dangerous Music gear allows it to shine in every musical genre. The user will just need to connect his mics and preamps.

The two inputs of the SYSTEM COMPLETE are easily expandable to fit different production needs. Just integrate the whole SYSTEM COMPLETE into an existing setup or interface with sufficient digital I/Os.

It is also possible to remove / replace or add a component to fit personal needs or taste. More flexibility is hard to find.

More info here:

  • https://www.dangerousmusic.com/dangerous-system-complete

Wiring diagram:

  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/13xMdq5eYl2_QFAfJHLYwVyTBfTKFM1eg/view?usp=sharing

YouTube Playlist:

  • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoLfX3vP1svN4kqEuHxI8paaz7ZhJ923r


  • All-in-one production environment: D/A and A/D converter, sound shaping tools, programmable patchbay, analog summing and monitor controller
  • follows the modern hybrid approach: a lot is done in your DAW but crucial elements stay analog
  • contains the products AD+, CONVERT-8 (2x), 2-Bus+, BAX EQ, COMPRESSOR, LIAISON, CONVERT-2, MONITOR ST
  • All Components are of the same high quality. Built to last, transparent yet musical. The legendary Dangerous Music sound quality.


Please refer to the individual products.

Important note: To run all converters simultaneously via USB (Mac only / Aggregate Device) a high quality active 4-Port USB Hub is needed! Higher port counts than 4-Port may cause timing issues, cause they often use more than one USB route controller.

UPC: 646437008303