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Dangerous Music

Dangerous Music PRODUCER PACK

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The PRODUCER PACK bundle focuses on three major aspects of modern music
production: conversion, summing and monitoring.
These premium tools with mastering-grade converters, clean analog summing stage and modern monitor controller with lots of features will give you a professional workflow and high end sound on a small footprint.

Tracking session

Just connect your mics and preamps to the CONVERT AD+, feed your speakers with the D-BOX+ and enjoy a new level of musicality and punch.


For uncompromised width and depth, send your DAW's busses to the summing inputs of the D-BOX+ via the 8 channels of the CONVERT-8 and include your favourite outboard gear either on the way into the summing stage or on its output. Feed the 2nd analog stereo input of the AD+ to capture all the nuance and transient detail of your mix and add the finishing touch with its switchable Emphasis circuit.

The two inputs of the PRODUCER PACK are expandable to fit different production needs. Just integrate the whole PRODUCER PACK into an existing setup or interface with sufficient digital I/Os.

More Info here

  • https://www.dangerousmusic.com/dangerous-system-producer-pack

Wiring diagram:

  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BuBpzJ-DD2PT4SeYPdNptdbOxJ_qrt7q/view?usp=sharing


  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp9FVvYGpnA&t=132s
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nodKvW5skkg


  • Elaborate production environment: D/A and A/D converter, summing box, monitor controller.
  • Follows the modern hybrid approach: a lot is done in your DAW but the important summing stays analog, enabling you to add other analog components.
  • Contains the following products: CONVERT AD+, CONVERT-8, D-BOX+.
  • All Components are of the same high quality. Built to last, transparent yet musical. The legendary Dangerous Music sound quality.


Please refer to the individual products.

Important note: To run all converters simultaneously via USB (Mac only /Aggregate Device) a high quality active 4-Port USB Hub is needed! Higher port counts than 4-Port may cause timing issues, cause they often use more than one USB route controller.

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