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PMC Speakers


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The BB6 XBD-A takes distortion to new lows and pushes the maximum SPL to a powerful 131dB.


The twin-cabinet BB6 XBD-A extends the staggering performance specification of the BB6-A, taking distortion to new lows and pushing the maximum SPL output of this system to a powerful but tightly controlled 131dB thanks to its twin 15-inch Radial™ low-frequency drivers, and creating a smoother in-room response, even in the most expansive of listening environments. The BB6 XBD-C-A is available as the dedicated centre speaker for multi-channel systems, while the dedicated LFE inputs and effortlessly extended low-end response render stand-alone subwoofers unnecessary.

As with the MB3 XBD-A, the twin XBD cabinets can be freestanding or soffit-mounted, and positioned side by side or vertically. In the latter configuration, the BB6 XBD-A gives new meaning to the concept of the stand-alone tower speaker, reaching a height when floor-mounted of nearly seven feet.

  • Type: 3-way ATL™ active reference monitor
  • Frequency response: 17Hz-25kHz
  • Power per channel: 5625W (HF 275W, MF 550W, 2 x LF 2400W)
  • Effective ATL™ length: 2 x 4 metres
  • Maximum SPL: 131dB


  • Available Finishes: Studio black
  • Crossover Frequency: 380Hz & 3.8kHz
  • Dimensions: H 2080mm (81.8") x W 432mm (17") x D 790mm (31.1")
  • Drive Units:
    • LF - 2 x PMC 380mm (15-inch) Radial driver
    • MF - PMC hand built 75mm soft-dome driver
    • HF - PMC 34mm soft-dome tweeter with acoustic radiator
  • Effective ATL™ Length: 2 x 4m (13ft)
  • Frequency Response: 17Hz - 25kHz
  • Impedance: Input Impedance 20k Bal
  • Input Connectors: AES3, 24-bit, 96kHz
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable +4 to +20dBu
  • Weight: 136kg (300lbs) each
  • Amplifier Power per Channel:
    • LF - 2 x 2400Wrms
    • MF - 1 x 550Wrms
    • HF - 1 x 275Wrms