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Antelope Audio

Zen Tour Synergy Core

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Professional Tabletop

ThunderboltTM & USB Audio Interface Features: Free real-time Vintage effects and Guitar Amp models 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking 2 pairs of Mastering-grade Monitor Outputs Built-in talkback mic 4 switchable Mic/Line inputs 4 HiZ/Line ins 8 analog outs, digital I/O on ADAT & S/PDIF 2 Reamp outs 2 independent headphone amps FPGA powered ultra-low latency ThunderboltTM and USB Network-enabled & user-friendly control panel OS X and Windows compatible Description: Most Mic/Line Channels With Zen Tour we are pushing the envelope once again. Antelope is offering not just a portable ThunderboltTM & USB audio interface, but a pro piece, easily covering the needs of a small band. Zen Tour comes with 4 switchable Mic/Line inputs and 4 more HiZ/Line ins. Two reamp outs and a Talkback on the front panel place it in the spotlight of portable interfaces. Realistic Vintage FX The custom FPGA is a rock-solid platform for creating multiple, zero latency mixes and applying an exciting stack of effects. Forget about buying expensive plugins – Zen Tour offers something better. Get creative with Antelope's brand new hardware-based guitar amp & cab simulations, the classic EQ emulations and the extremely versatile AuraVerb reverb. The FPGA effects offer unbeatable authenticity and audio realism, comparable only to the sound and behavior of legendary hardware gear. Lowest Sound Latency Zen Tour borrows the powerful Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) from Antelope Audio's top-selling pro studio devices. This game-changing technology provides the interface with massive parallel processing capabilities and the lowest latency levels on the market. In Zen Tour portability meets studio power like in no other device. Advanced Remote Apps Zen Tour control is literally at your fingertips via the intuitive touch screen. The OS X and Windows compatible software control panel follows Antelope's innovative concept for networking. You can now manage all Zen Tour features from multiple computers in the same network. Did we mention iOS and Android mobile apps will allow you to manage all Zen Tour features from your smartphone or tablet? Enhanced Connectivity While other portable interfaces have to go for either a decent amount of I/O channels or high-end DSP effects Zen Tour gives you both! With the 4 switchable Mic/Line and 4 HiZ/Line ins now come 8 analog outs, digital I/O on ADAT & S/PDIF, two independent headphone amps and two separate pairs of monitor outs. The FPGA powered ThunderboltTM and custom USB make the device not only lightning fast but compatible with any DAW as well.