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Also EQ5 is a


redesigned classic Vintage equalizer for today's producers and musicians today, by Olivier Bolling. Inspired by the classic EQ of the Neve 8108 console, reinvented and adapted to modern expectations, the EQ5 is an intuitive, efficientand, euphonic and reliable equalizer. The original vintage concept of a 3-band semi-parametric EQ has been enhanced to let the EQ5 can go beyond the 20 kHz limit (up to 30 kHz), which allows it to act as a pseudo Shelf (high-pass) to add or remove "air" to your signals ! Its technology based on montages of gyrator type Op-Amps is a classic from the late 70s. Option: New York Edition finish, a polished aluminum front panel (mirror finish) and graved inscriptions for a better durability.