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DI, REamp, Superbox!

The Transceiver is a four channel insert station. The main function is to convert +4dB balanced signals to unbalanced and back again. Each channel has a send level, the return has a gain control and a polarity switch. Among other things you can use The Transceiver to do the following: * It's an insert station. Insert unbalanced gear such as guitar pedals and old echo fx into your DAW or consol. * It's an active DI-box with up to 20dB gain. Plug your favourite instrument into your collection of vintage gear via The Transceiver. * It's a reamp tool. * It's a Swiss Army Knife on stage. Hook up balanced gear on stage between your instrument and amp. Please see the product sheet for some hook-up ideas. Spec: Max balanced input: +27,5dBu Max unbalanced send level: +22dBu Max return input level: +22dB Return gain: 0-20dB Return input impedance: 1Mohm Max balanced output: +27,5dBu Send frequency response: 10-100kHz +/-0,1dB Send THD+N @ 1kHz: less than 0,001% Return frequency response: 10-100kHz -0,2dB (at 10Hz) Return THD+N @ 1kHz: less than 0,003% Rear panel has four XLR inputs and four XLR outputs. Built in power supply, 230V or 115V (not user selectable).