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The Session Controller with Meterbridge.

The Professional Remote provides complete remote control of the RADAR as well as access to basic functions such as backup and restore. With this easy-to use mouse-less interface, users will enjoy the tactile sensation of one-button remote functions and jog-wheel editing. The Session Controller’s tape machine style and auto-locator controls minimize the learning curve, allowing users to get right to work.The Session Controller can be used to control up to 8 RADAR units, for a total of 192 tracks. Compatible with RADAR 24 and RADAR V units. Meterbridge 24 and 48 sold separately. Dedicated keys for transport control, track arming, soloing, editing, project management, and many others Dedicated Macro keys for user-programmed operational sequences Jog/Shuttle wheel Character & Numeric Display for video monitor-free operation.

The Meterbridge 48 provides instant and highly accurate input level indication for all 48 channels of RADARLinked audio. Each individual meter has 25 LED parts: 10 green and 10 yellow (for levels), plus additional LEDs for clip, arming, input, solo, and edit. The LEDs are calibrated to display a logarithmic scale from 0dB down to –55dB. Session Controller sold separately.

48-track Meterbridge, Displays audio levels, track arms, input, edit, and solo 3 colour LED display, Clip-indicator, LEDs Peak Hold