BUILD your own Rack

  • Dual Mono, Stereo SC & Mono summierte SC
  • RMS oder PEAK Detektion schaltbar
  • Kanal A Schalter und Regler übernehmen alle Parameter im Stereo and Mono SC Mode
  • Höchste Phasentreue der Kanäle
  • Ultra kurzer Signalweg mit "hardwire bypass"
  • Ratio von Soft bis 40:1
  • Gainreduction Kompensation bei Ratio Umschaltung
  • Einfacher Recall Aller Parameter "Detented" (optional for Threshold und Make Up)
  • 10 Zeitkonstanten für Attack und Release
  • Slow and Fast Auto Release Modus
    • Side chain High Pass Filters with two switchable frequencies are provided onboard
    • 20 segment gainreduction bargraph meter for each channel 0,25dB to 20dB
    • Handsome parameter control via customized scale ranges
    • Internal components are of the ultimate quality, modified where necessary
    • A Toroid transformer ensures no PSU noise
    • The ‘1979’ VCA is made of individual components, no Integrated Circuits
    • Encased in a ceramic material for thermal stability
    • Discrete VCA adds vintage character to the sound
    • The harder it compresses the more it colours
    • This VCA delivers Real Analogue punch
    • A Cinemag transformer and a state of the art line-out driver complete the picture by providing perfectly balanced In and Outs