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The Quartet is a


modern class A tube design which includes: The tube Mic/DI Preamp from the MDP-1 The tube Opto-Compressor from the OCL-2 using our proprietary optoelectronic cell A new three band tube EQ with HI and LO shelving and peaking MID band A new de-esser design using opto-inductive filtering and a highly selective detector The Mic/DI, EQ and Compressor/De-Esser can be patched out and used independently. Transformerless or transformer-balanced main output Gold-plated switch contacts, I/O connectors and tube sockets Polypropylene caps and metal film resistors (pairs matched to 0.1%) Fully regulated high voltage (300V) and filament and bipolar power supplies with soft-start warm-up and output muting Custom toroidal power transformer with shield for minimum hum 120V or 240V ac voltage switch on the rear panel.