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the 42LF. Following the lead of the 4288, we replaced the original single spider woofer with a dual spider unit for improved excursion control and linearity. Along with the spider upgrade we improved the voice coil, effectively tripling the power handling power capability of the woofer. It also has the same 3.9dB added to the front end input. There is no need to hide the 42LF because it’s one of the best looking sub-woofers you have ever seen. Inspired by the 4288, we have finished 42LF MK II with black anodized aluminum and chamfered stained edges. The Pelonis Model 42LF MKII Low Frequency Extension System is not referred to as a subwoofer because it does not work the same as a conventional subwoofer. Most subwoofers intended for professional audio applications are designed to be hard low pass shelved at a certain frequency (typically around 80 Hz), and then run with a pair of satellites usually cut off with a hard high pass shelf at the same frequency. This transfer of energy is inefficient, and can lead to problems depending on the settings (and construction!) of the sub and satellites. Many are equipped with inexpensive, inaccurate volume and crossover controls, and frequently are only fed with a mono and/or dedicated LFE signal. They cannot be switched on and off without changing the point at which the satellites are shelved.