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M63 Tube Pre


Two Channel Microphone/Instrument Amplifier Lundahl Amorphous-Core Audio Transformers 63 dB Gain Slow-Start Tube-Rectified High-Voltage Power Supply Custom Shielded and Potted Toroidal Power Transformer Heavy-Duty Printed Circuit Boards (.125" thick!) Phantom Power with Ramped Start-Stop Action Locking Phantom Power Switch Two Level Controls per Channel Illuminated Sifam VU Meters 120/240 V Operation, Switchable 12AY7/12AU7/12X4 Tube Complement 20dB PAD Neutrik® XLR and Instrument Connectors Heavy-Duty Toggle Switches Small-Signal Relays with Gold Plated Contacts New-Production Daka-Ware Knobs (Made from the original dies!) Optional Custom Case Build-to-order, 4 week lead time.