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Elementum Dispersus Captura

(Action Price! - end 2017)

Panel Absorber Trap "Dispersus Captura" with scattering plate is flat profile binary amplitude velocity type of diffsorber consist of a 2D MLS pseudo random sequence/ perforated template and porous sendwich with multiple density acoustical mineral core. Mineral core has optimized gas flow resistivity and offers extension in low frequency region.

The Panel Absorber Trap with scattering template provides good balance between mid and low absorption and high frequency scattering reflections without lobing effect as a result of conventional uniformly perforated plates. So we can achieve »healthy live« ambiance and not over-deadening space, minimazing room resonances and thereby flutter the frequency response of the space. MLS template also prevents from flutter echo. Result is an even decay time from low to mid and high frequencies.

Perforated template can be also wrapped in a speaker grill cloth to cover holes as well preserve function of it . Cloth is available in many different colours. Cloth can be printed with graphics or photos.

Frame and template of an absorber is made from high quality beech plywood and impregnated with natural tung oil. Mineral core is covered with dense acoustical microfiber fabric.


Dimensions: 1200mm X 650mm X 200mm     Weight : 8 kg

Specifications: Broadband absorption from 70Hz to above, scattering from ca. 1kHz and above.